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A unique collection of arnica and essential oils

Do you exercise daily? Are you in pain? Is stress part of your life?

Have a look at this and check the many benefits of our collection

Yogis Relax

Collection of arnica salves to provide natural healing and relaxation

8 facts about organic products that will change your skin

1. Non-organic skin products expose your skin to a number of endocrine disrupters

2. Organic products help to protect the environment

3. Additives and preservatives contained on many skin products can irritate and damage the skin

4. Oils will balance the skin providing moisture if the skin is too dry, and removing excess of oil if the skin is too oily

5. The skin can be damaged by over cleansing it. The use of one product that has several benefits is enough

6. The highest quality of ingredients equals the highest quality of overall health

7. The skin is the largest organ of the body that absorbs everything. Using natural derived products will help it absorb the best to ease the natural processes

8. Encourage and fortify the skin's natural process will decrease the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and acne


So good like eating chocolate all day!

10 things to know about arnica montana

Arnica relieves aches and pains

Arnica stimulates healing

Arnica is handy to have everywhere you go

Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties

Arnica can be use safely

Arnica can prevent bruising

Arnica relieves carpal tunnel syndrome

Arnica can be combined with any other essential oil

Arnica is derived from a flowering plant

Arnica is used throughout the World today

The many benefits of mother nature

Combined and contained inside a jar

Fragrances that last longer and provide benefits

You can be confident that your body will recover faster

Chocolicious for chocoholics

The weakness of the smell with the richness of the many benefits

Fragrances that transport you to peaceful places

Imagine the though of that amazing beach holiday being with you all day long

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6 benefits of doing yoga and using arnica at the same time

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Arnica montana and its many benefits

Arnica montana and its many benefits

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arnica cream for yoga

Yoga can be life-changer

Every year in USA more people are switching to natural - organic based products because of the many benefits and results they have

Give the best of natural products to your skin. Your body will thank you for it, and the benefits will be endless!

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I didn't know there was a miracle cure for my acne! 

Maide, KY

It totally disappear the chronic pain I had for years. It's gone.

David, OH

I use it always before and after my yoga class and I feel great. No pains or muscle tension at all.

Kevin, NY

Yogis has been used widely and safely for mums with their babies

arnica cream for babies

Can we really outsmart mother nature?

When we look after our body like a precious gift, and take advantage of the many gifts given by nature, and at the same time look after our health by eating the right foods and exercising daily, the answer is Yes definitely!

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