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Arnica chocolate salve
Arnica chocolate salve
Arnica chocolate salve

Arnica chocolate salve

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What is arnica chocolate salve?

 Indulge yourself with this gorgeous salve. Chocolate is the new skin savior around the world. It leaves a moisturized feeling, and the smell is a big plus. You can indulge using this fragrance with the feeling that you are having a lovely chocolate bath all over your body.

 The bean of the cacao tree is where chocolate essential oil, known as cacao absolute is extracted. Botanically the tree is known as theobroma cacao, which means “food for the gods”. Cacao has a long history. Chocolate comes from cacao, and is native from Central America rainforest, and harvested later by the Mayans and Aztecs.

 Why using arnica chocolate salve?

 Cacao is know for its high concentration of antioxidants, this means that keep the body cells, collagen, and elastin from damage by free radicals. And also contains aphrodisiac known as Tramadol, which will also make you a bit irresistible.

 Great combinations with arnica salve

 The use of chocolate essential oil has a number of therapeutic uses for the skin, and decrease depression, increase overall health and improve sexual performance. It will keep the skin young and radiant, and its aroma will work to reduce and alleviate stress and increase an aromatherapy effect, which will burst your energy up.

 When and how to use arnica salve?

 It can be used before, during, and after your workout. The fragrance will remain for a long time, and the arnica benefits will be working for hours. Remember arnica has several benefits for the treatment of bruises, swellings, inflammation, pains, and is a great complement for your skin when is used with essential oils and chamomile. The natural infusions of the oils will mix together and create a great compliment for your overall health. It will increase the muscle flexibility and the recovery time after long workouts will be reduced exponentially.


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