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Our story

We are a company who believe in the amazing healing and relaxing properties of natural products. 

Mother nature provides us with tools we can use to keep our health and wellbeing. There is no need for any more artificial and chemical products.

That is what our founder Dr. Lucy Coleman found a few years ago. She was going through some health issues and decided to look for more natural organic based products to help her with the side effects she was experiencing, among them pain and bruising. Nothing in the market was working for her, so she went out and decided to study how to make her own products.

"I just decided to start from zero and understand the delicate balance between the ingredients and my skin. There is this subtle touch necessary to understand that nature is about balance, and that was exactly what my skin got back, the natural balance that was missing. When I got the perfect formula I needed to share it with others who like me are switching into organic products. Then Yogis was born" - Lucy Coleman.

Yogis is based in State College - Pennsylvania, and we have been running our business with an exponential increase and interest of people practicing any kind of sports, or those having ailments and diseases that cause them to have pain and deleterious side effects. 

As Yogis was initially intended to be used for yoga, an increased number of yogis subscribed to our family and are now managing their monthly cream refill. However, the word spread out and more people kept coming and subscribing. Crossfitters are among our main clients, and oncology patients who manifested less side effects after chemo or radio therapy with the continuous use of the cream. 

Today more athletes are using our cream and they love them. They have great benefits and help them recover quicker after long workouts. 

Yogis keeps growing and is constantly on the go for more news and testimonies from our happy customers. We like to share information for people to know more about their health and the many benefits of our creams. Believe it or not we still discovering ways the creams work we were not aware off, acne is an example, because it works amazingly well in people with acne.

We are now here to help and provide these great arnica collection creams to every member of our family.

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible to let them know there are natural alternatives to help them heal and relax on a safest and long-lasting way.